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Brooke Procida- 

Coach, Mentor, Producer, Writer, Director

Brooke began her teaching career spontaneously at the age of 13 by running an impromptu dance class in the basement of the house she was babysitting at. After creating informal shows and events for years as a teen, Brooke went on to produce cabaret acts and concerts in New York City and Los Angeles and eventually opened Procida Creative International- a social enterprise dedicated to helping young artists and their families navigate the entertainment industry, finding  opportunities for growth and exposure all while focusing on career sustainability and personal well-being.

Today Brooke has a roster of about 20 private clients and a rotating group of over 300 tweens, teens and young adults that she works with. She teaches private voice and acting lessons, creates workshops and classes to hone skills and produces major events Off Broadway and at venues such as Carnegie Hall in order to provide opportunities for performance and networking. Brooke has an amazing staff of professional teachers, Broadway guest artists and top casting directors, agents and managers.

In recent years, some of Brooke's clients have begun to book professional work and are thriving in their craft.(See photos to the left) Brooke and her team at  Studio PCI (Procida Creative International) plan to continue training individual artists, focusing on creating new works of theatre, literature, film and music while continuing to study, teach and perform the classics.

Brooke holds a BFA in Acting from the 

University of Southern of California and a Master of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship from Goldsmith's University of London.

Chloe Himmelman.jpg

Chloe Himmelman

Chloe starred as Kenzie in PCI's original off Broadway production of Reddi High and has recently gone on to do great things- most notably starring as ROSE in the recent Adam Sandler film,

The Week Of.

Amanda Swickle

In 2016 after her performance with PCI at Carnegie Hall, Amanda went on to book the Broadway National Tour of ANNIE.

Ayla Schwartz

After her 2017 PCI performance at Carnegie Hall, Ayla went on to sign with a new agent and had her Broadway debut originating the part of young Elsa in FROZEN.

Jillian Steele

One of Brooke's long standing clients, Jillian has gone on to record numerous albums and singles and is now opening for singers like Rachel Platten and

Hunter Hayes.

Chloe Wheeler

Another long time client, Chloe starred in PCI's original Off- Broadway production of Reddi High and recently appeared as a finalist on La Voz kids. Chloe is also an original songwriter, producer and rapper.

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